List of Reasons for Leaving a Job You should Keep in Mind


Hybernasi –Job Tips. Making a decision whether to stay or leave your job is somewhat not an easy thing to do. There are many factors that you should consider before submitting that resignation form to your boss. Here, Hybernasi would like to share list of reasons for leaving a job. By having these reasons in mind, your decision would be the best choice you have ever made in your life career.

Questions to Ask before Submitting Job Resignation

It is easier to decide if you have already a job awaiting you in another company. But, if you have no company to transfer with, it is a worrisome particularly; moreover, if you’re the breadwinner of the family.

Actually, that’s my condition the last month just have been passing this year. During that time, I need to decide whether to stay or leave my current company.

So, let’s go back to the topic. How do you know that your decision is the best one? I have listed here 14 questions you should ask to yourself before rendering your resignation or quitting your job if you have no other company to transfer with.


Do your own decision based on these questions


1. Do I really want to stay?

There are several factors you need to consider here. Are you satisfied with your work and the salary you’re receiving? If yes, then you should stay.


2. Am I enjoying my work?

It is normal that sometimes you feel bored at work. However, if that continues for a long time, maybe you need to think again if you really want to stay.

In my opinion, it is a lot better to work in a company that you enjoy with average salary than working in a boring job with high salary. If you enjoy your work, then stay. But if you’re so bored each passing day for a long time, think twice or thrice, maybe it’s time to leave.


3. Do I have money to start a small business?

Some people are quitting their jobs because they said they want to start a business. Therefore, it is important to assess your current financial condition whether you have the enough money to be used for building your own business.


4. Can I get a back pay or severance allowance?

A back pay is a great help when quitting your job since you can have a larger amount of money to be used after stopping your job. Most companies are providing this benefit to their employees.

In case you cannot get a back pay, perhaps, you should look again to your finances if you have a sufficient amount of money for at least 4 months of your expenses. If you have no money at all, I think it is not the right time to quit.


5. Do I have a saving?

This question is very important before you quit your job. If you have a saving equal to your 4-month expenses, you are in a better position to resign than no money at all.

Since you will stop working, the flow of money to your account will cease also. Do your own calculation or the estimate of the total amount of money that you have and can receive so that you have an idea how much is it.

A friendly advice: Don’t quit your job if you have no saving. It is better to endure your company’s not-so-good environment than eating nothing.


6. Do I have a definite plan after quitting my work?

Ok, this will not apply to those people who have found another job in another company. This question is for those individuals who are quitting job without a job offer in other companies.

What will you do after you stop your work? Do you have other things to do on your list? Some people then go study again in the University for masteral or other fields. Some people, they venture out to start their own business.

It is necessary that you have a definite plan before resigning from your job. I guess when the time comes that I will resign and I have no other company to transfer with, I’ll be a full-time blogger and businessman. So what about you?


7. Do I have other sources of income?

If your current job is your only source of income, it is very hard to resign. My suggestion is to quit when you have found other sources of money. Anyway, it is your decision that should prevail.


8. Am I growing in my current job?

As an employee, you should also grow. You should not be stagnant in your career. Growing involves all aspect of your life. They are not only about your career, but also your social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects.

Some jobs offer no growth at all or very minimal. In that case, you should think how long you should stay and make a plan when to render that resignation.


9. Does my salary commensurate to my skills and experience?

Are you underpaid based on your skills and experience? Have you already been raised? If you have great skills and low salary, it’s time to look for better opportunity outside or you should ask a better salary increase from your boss.


10. Do I have a problem with my boss and other co-workers?

A good relationship is vital if you want to work longer in a company. If you don’t have a good working relationship with the people around you, it is very hard to work or even come to work at all. Maybe it is the time for you to assess your job and make an escape plan.


11. Is my current job for long term?

Some jobs last only for months because it is based on the duration of the project. But most jobs are for long term. It really depends on you, whether you like a long or short term work.

In my case, I like longer term because I’m not a type of person who can easily adapt to changes. I’m still on the progress of adapting to my current environment.


12. Can I get another job easily?

You’re the one that should examine this question. If you have a longer working experience, you have the bigger chance to be hired easily than if you have only one or two years working experience.

It is also depends on other factors like your aggressiveness in finding a job, the competition in your industry, your connections and the state of the economy. If you cannot find a job, why not to create your own job or begin a business you’re dreaming of.


13. Am I the breadwinner?

You must take extra cautions before quitting your job since you are the breadwinner of your family. All depends on you. My suggestion is to talk to your wife and kids that your family should save little by little because employment in a company is not forever.

As a breadwinner, quit job only if you have the enough money to spend equal to your 4 months expenses. It is only my advice; your decision will still prevail.


14. Is there a better opportunity outside?

If the better opportunity is there, then why do you stay in?

A better opportunity comes only once or very rare twice, grab it and hold it longer. Make connections more. This strategy I should also learn because most opportunities come from your networks of friends and acquaintances.

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